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Lincat launches Giga® Fast Oven


Lincat, the UK’s leading manufacturer of catering equipment, has launched the Giga® Fast Oven, a versatile, compact counter-top oven that can cook a fresh dough pizza in 90 seconds.

The secret to the speed lies within the unique airflow cylinders that intensely focus hot air to deliver exceptionally rapid cooking. The Giga® Fast Oven heats up to 400/450°C in as little as 10 minutes, and features an easy to use temperature control and cooking timer for consistent, repeatable results.

Designed to provide bars, pubs and restaurants with the ability to serve authentic Italian Pizza without having to invest in expensive specialist equipment or staff training, it delivers comparable results to a traditional wood-fired oven.

If pizza isn’t the only thing on the menu, the Giga® Fast Oven can also be quickly converted into a standard convection oven for the cooking of lasagne, croissants, cakes, pies, pastries, potatoes and oven chips, as well as for the toasting of all types of bread products.

Nick McDonald, Marketing Director of Lincat, said:

“The Giga® Fast Oven combines the performance of a dedicated wood-fired pizza oven with the versatility of a convection oven in a single, compact package. And since it operates from a standard 13amp plug it can be used anywhere.

“This will allow any outlet, even one that doesn’t already have a kitchen, to produce tasty, authentic pizzas without the need to invest in additional appliances, specialist staff or training. We think it will prove particularly popular with pubs looking for a cost-effective way to improve their food offering and supplement their wet sales.

He added…

“With the potential to produce up to 30 pizzas an hour, the Giga® Fast Oven will pay for itself in no time, and provide a fantastic long term return on your investment.”

Powerful, energy efficient and easy to use, the Giga® Fast Oven also features include switchable internal illumination, making it ideal for front-of-house use. Like all Lincat products, it is supplied with a two year onsite parts and labour warranty.

Lincat Ltd manufactures one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of catering equipment. Products are sold in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors. Lincat Ltd is a member company of the Middleby Corporation.

Tha Lincat Giga® Fast Oven is available from YCE Catering Equipment via their online busyCHEF webshop here and costs £1,188.00 plus VAT.

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